Update // In Light of COVID-19

(Updated 5/29)

What is Happening? 

We will return to campus in two stages. To date, all of our services have been pre-recorded and assembled in editing before airing on Sunday mornings. We are transitioning to live-stream broadcast services with on-demand playback options. This will serve us better over the long term but changing platforms requires a short transition period, which is reflected below.


Step 1: June 7 & 14 On Campus Watch Parties

Services will be held in the Worship Center, McClintock’s and the Hub at 10:00 a.m. A key leader will serve as live host as we worship together in the same room. The service will be the same video format we have had thus far, and will also be available from home. Following County Health Department parameters the service will be by reservation and will include physical distancing, face masks, etc. Space will be very limited at first because we are only allowed to fill the room to 25% total capacity and must maintain physical distancing.

Step 2: June 21 and following On Campus Live Worship Services

Services will be live in the Worship Center with live stream to McClintock’s, the Hub and to devices anywhere at 10:00 a.m. Services will continue to be by reservation and follow Health Department parameters. Additional live services may be added as the need grows. We will continually monitor government guidelines so that we can maximize ministry effectiveness and maintain a safe setting for our family and our guests.

We will continue streaming services on Sunday mornings @ 10:00 am on our Facebook page. You can access all our past services by clicking our Watch tab above.

How to Stay Connected?

We plan to be continuously updating our website and social media platforms including RHC Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube pages.  We encourage you to follow us on one of those mediums.


How Can I Help? This is a great time to serve others in our family and community. If you would like to be involved contact us at info@rhchurches.com.

What is RHC Doing?

The church office is closed, but the staff are working from home.  We will all have to work a little harder at connecting during this time—please keep us informed of any needs you have by calling the church office at 562-947-4791 or by emailing info@rhchurches.com 

If you find yourself sick, quarantined or otherwise limited please let us know. We want to pray for you and would love to run errands, bring groceries or serve in some other way. Jeff Collier is our Member Care Coordinator who is overseeing a team to help us effectively minister to our congregation. Mike Gunderson is overseeing our ministry care to seniors, and has a team to pursue meeting various needs as they arise. 

If this season puts a financial burden on you please let us know—we may be able to help.

If you know of someone in our community who is fearful, struggling or has needs you think we might be able to meet, let us know.

What about ABCs & Life Groups?

We encourage Life Groups & ABC's to pursue strong connections during this time.  Many groups are utilizing Zoom to do this.  If you are unfamiliar with how to use Zoom, please reference the Quick Links at the bottom right of this page.

Our Notice/Responsibility 

Nobody knows how bad the COVID-19 situation will get in our community, or how long it will last. We may not be able to stop it, but we can reduce the intensity of its impact by adjusting our lives for a season. We serve our Lord by serving and loving the community around us. The staff and overseers will continue to work hard in caring for and guiding us all. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out—and be sure to visit our Facebook page for regular updates.

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