How can I help?

This is a great time to serve others in our family and community. If you would like to be involved contact us at

I have a need.

If you find yourself sick, quarantined or otherwise limited please let us know. We want to pray for you and would love to run errands, bring groceries or serve in some other way. If this season puts a financial burden on you please let us know—we may be able to help. If you know of someone in our community who is fearful, struggling or has needs you think we might be able to meet, let us know. Please keep us informed of any needs you have by calling the church office at 562-947-4791 or by emailing 

Prayer Request

Thank you! Our Pastors will be praying for these.

Come To Him Ministires

Transitional and sober living and supportive services to men, women, and children.

Contact CTH Ministries @ (562) 665-7922

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