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Recommended Resources


Kindle Afresh

Words to rekindle and strengthen your faith - a blog by Ken Berding.


Happy Hymnody

Happy Hymnody was born out of a need to get gospel truths into the hearts of kids and for a solid bedtime routine! On the first of every month, we post a new hymn that we learn together as a community. - a blog by April Brover.


Worship Refocus

Our mission is to inspire & equip the church to worship God through song - a ministry of Nate & Alice Brown.

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Podcast Teachings by John Mark Comer. Spiritual Formation Practices to help us Apprentice Under Jesus as we: Be With Jesus, Become Like Jesus, and Do What Jesus Did. Resources for Formation Groups.


Bible Fluency

A free learning program integrating high-quality songs, images, a workbook, video teaching, and classes teaching, and classes to help people learn their way around the Bible.

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Center for Marriage & Relationships

The Biola University Center for Marriage and Relationships is a trusted resource that combines the timeless, cross-cultural wisdom of Scripture with relevant and timely perspectives from scholarly research.


Songs As Prayer

Reflections on Songs as a catalyst for engagement with God - a blog by Sarah Lawson.

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