Children's Ministry Director 

(Part Time position: 20 hours/week)


The Children’s Ministries Director is the primary on-site leader giving direct oversight to all children’s ministries (Birth-5th Grade) at Redemption Hill Church. The CM Director will focus on providing quality discipleship and care for children in support of parents who are the primary disciplers of their own children.



The CM Director will work an average of 20 hours per week, including Sunday morning ministry. A regular schedule of office hours will be established with the Family Ministry Pastor, who will also work with the CM Director to maximize effectiveness and joy in this role, regularly dialoging on priorities and time usage and guarding the CM Director from overload and “schedule creep.” 



  1. Must be a member of the church in good standing. Must have the respect and support of the church membership and their own family.

  2. Must live an exemplary life before the church family, exhibiting spiritual maturity and growth, humility, teachability, loyalty and personal holiness.

  3. Must understand and support the church purpose, priorities, vision, and guiding principles.  As a staff member, heart and mind must be committed to serving others, supporting the staff and cultivating team ministry.

  4. Must demonstrate leadership, effective people skills and a consistent desire and ability to train and liberate others in ministry. 

  5. Must have strong relational and communication strengths and be a developer of people. Must have the ability to work effectively with a leadership team.

  6. Must be a self-starter with motivation to follow through with limited supervision.

  7. Must be able to support the Families Pastor and Lead Pastor and complement their ministries with enthusiasm and wisdom.

  8. Must have a heart for outreach and a passion to see both the people and the structures of Chldren’s ministry reflect this passion in practical ways.  Must see this ministry as serving the greater ministry of Redemption Hill Church.

  9. Must have theological insight, skills in working with children and leadership abilities appropriate to directing this ministry.




Work with the Family Ministries Pastor to implement vision and oversee the programming for children birth through 5th grade, including all events and training. 


Choose curriculum and ensure that each class has the supplies needed for age-appropriate activities related to the lesson. Oversee the church resource rooms. 


Partner with the Family Ministries Pastor regarding all events, programs and plans targeted in assisting parents in their role as primary disciplers of their children.



Recruit, oversee and develop (in partnership with the Family Ministries Pastor) all volunteer teams working within children’s ministry. This will include overseeing and equipping volunteers in issues of teaching and safety. This will also include strategic recruitment and development of volunteers for teaching, leadership and administrative roles.


Partner with the Family Ministries Pastor in caring for and developing children’s ministry volunteers in their spiritual lives. The CM Director will also develop a culture of shepherding within the team, where each member is attentive to the needs of other leaders, the children and their families.  


Lead the ministry and its teams in such a way as to protect regular involvement in congregational life—especially Sunday morning worship and regular, intentional involvement in spiritual community.


Word & Prayer 

Devote regular time to prayer and study of the Word. This will be done in consultation with the Family Ministries Pastor. 



The CM Director will be responsible for events at Redemption Hill Church requiring childcare or children’s ministries for events other than Sunday morning upon pastoral direction.  It will be up to the CM Director whether childcare or more formal ministry is provided for these children. 


General Ministry

The CM Director is a vital part of the the Redemption Hill staff team and should participate in team meetings, all-church ministry events, general congregational encouragement and care, etc. as the ministry schedule allows. The appropriateness of expectations and participation will be evaluated regularly with the Family Ministries Pastor to ensure maximum fruitfulness and to protect the Children’s Ministry Director’s limited time available.



This position begins with an annual salary as established by the Senior Pastor plus inclusion in all  part-time employee benefits per current policy. A reasonable budget for personal expenses of ministry, books, etc. is also provided.  Education and conferences will be funded when possible.  A salary review will be conducted annually with appropriate recommendations for salary adjustment made by the Senior Pastor.



The Children’s Ministries Director is under the direct oversight of the Families Pastor and ultimately responsible to the Lead Pastor and the Board of Elders.


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