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ROOTED is our Young Adults Ministry here at RHC and is made up of young adults who have graduated high school and are pursuing further education, starting out on their careers, or simply trying to figure out what is next.  The majority of those in our group are aged between 18 and 25, but we do have some early birds and some later bloomers too!

Our great desire is that our college students would be growing as mature disciples of Christ by becoming radical followers of Jesus.  And in turn they are making disciples who make disciples… who make more disciples… who make more disciples and that this would ultimately lead to our students and graduates bringing Jesus to the nations.



For more information, contact Derek Brover at:  [email protected]

INSTAGRAM: @rootedrhc



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Starting January 8th  //  6:30PM  //  Room B200

“Love One Another”... “Bear One Another’s Burdens”...“Forgive One Another”. Did you know that the phrase “One Another” is used 100 times over 94 verses in the New Testament? Join us as we explore and discuss the value and depth within these two very powerful words together. Email Michael Moore at [email protected] or follow Rooted on instagram (@rootedrhc) to learn more. We’d love to connect!