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Zoom Meetings

Participating in a Zoom Meeting:
**You do not need to create an account to participate in a Zoom meeting, only to host one**
1) You'll receive an email from the meeting host with a link to join a Zoom meeting.  Click on the "Join Zoom Meeting" link.
2) The link will take you to a page where you will be prompted to download Zoom.  Open Zoom once it finishes downloading.  You should be automatically taken to the meeting.  If you aren't automatically taken there, you can return to your email and click on the link again, and it will take you there now that you have Zoom downloaded.

Note: If you're interested in preemptively downloading Zoom, you can search for the app in the Apple store or Google play, or you can use the link below to download it onto your computer (click on the download button under the Zoom Client for Meetings category):

Hosting a Zoom Meeting (Ministry/Group Leaders):
To host a meeting, you must create a free account.
To do so, go to and hover your cursor over the "Host a Meeting" drop down menu and select "With Video On".  Follow the prompts to set up your account.

After your account is set up and Zoom is downloaded, you can host meetings directly through the app simply by clicking on the orange "New Meeting" icon after logging in.  If you use your computer, you'll have to use email to invite people. If you're working off of a phone app, you can draw from your contacts in multiple apps - messenger, google hangouts, messages, gmail - and send them invites through any of those.

Features that come with the free edition of Zoom:
1. Host up to 100 participants in a meeting
2. Unlimited time for 1 to 1 meetings
3. 40 minute time limit to groups of 3 or more (currently unlimited in response to COVID crisis, but even if they restrict this again, you can simply start a new meeting with all of the same people, it'll just interrupt and take a moment to transition to a new meeting)
4. Screen share (useful for going through power point, sharing videos, etc.)
5. Group chat


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